Life Skills Training & Behavior Modification Programs

A customized and comprehensive system of care is offered to youth and young adults of all backgrounds.


We build custom programs for youth and young adults to take control of their lives.

Vision Building / Brain Mapping

Creating a pipeline for success and giving participants new hope.

Goal Setting

Adding direction and purpose.

Behavior Modification

Erasing negative actions.

Life Skills Training

Adding essential tools for success.

Violence Prevention

Eliminating acts of violence before they happen.

Gang Prevention

Educating participants about the dangerous of gangs and reducing gang activity.

Conflict Resolution

Teaching new ways to defuse conflict.

Emotional Literacy™

Understanding emotions.

Life Planning

Creating a roadmap and game plan.

Young Adult Parenting

Developing healthy parenting skills.

Drug Prevention & Intervention

Breaking generational cycles and teaching the impact of drugs.

Character Training

Building positive personal attributes.

Types of Services

Train the Trainer

Become a certified Transformation Leader or turn volunteers into powerful stakeholders today!

Customized Performance Behavior Intervention Systems

Built to address your population’s direct risks and needs!

Pre-Adjudication & Adjudication Accountability Diversion

Effective Intervention and Prevention programs built to reduce recidivism and empower participants!

Making the Transition University

If you are not already enrolled, contact us to find out more about how you can get started!

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